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Choice #1

Dorothy picked the book because the topic of the cataclysm being us!


Choice #2


When the mystery is real, the peril of a story like this leaps off the page.



For history buffs:


Call 517-629-7560 to reserve your copy.







Books & More of Albion and Albion District Library Choice

May 12th

@ 6:15PM



The reading group meets at 6:15PM on May 12th at Books & More of Albion. Bring your dinner, bring your friends, bring your imagination!



       Guest Review

Stephanie Sobaski and her mom review Tugg and Teeny by J. Patrick Lewis, Illustrated by Christopher Denise.

Tugg and Teeny is a children’s book that contains three stories centered on Tugg, a gorilla, and his best friend, Teeny, a monkey.  All three stories focus on a creative theme.  The first story is about how Teeny works very hard to become a musician. Stephanie commented on the first story by saying, “It was good.  I liked it.  Everybody wanted to learn how she (Teeny) played music.”  The second story focuses on how Teeny has learned to appreciate painting.  Stephanie responded as follows, “I liked it because Tugg and Teeny are monkeys (primates).  Ooo-ooo, ahh-ahh, ooo-ooo, ahh-ahh!”  In the last story, Teeny tries her hand at poetry and her friends respond with gentle, yet constructive, criticism which helped Teeny improve her poem.  Stephanie liked the stories because both of the main characters are friendly primates.  All the stories are aimed to be uplifting to kids to teach them about creativity and being friendly to one another.  The illustrations and text font are easy on the eye and very inviting for readers.  Stephanie’s mom feels that this is a good book for young and emerging readers and recommends it.  Plus, Tugg and Teeny is produced by a local publisher, Sleeping Bear Press, out of Ann Arbor, MI.  


Sheila & Stephanie

Sheila Lyons-Sobaski is an associate professor of biology at Albion College.  She enjoys reading to her two children and teaching them about the beauty of nature.


Another Tugg and Teeny Book:





 Books & More of Albion presents

"Albion Celebrates World Book Night"

Join us as we host Amy DeShon as she reads for "Albion Celebrates World Book Night" here at the store at 6PM on April 23rd.  

This year World Book Night US once again is sharing the love of reading by having their book givers pass out specially designed books for free to light readers or non readers. Albion once again has book givers and this year the Albion District Library is coordinating the celebration of readers throughout downtown Albion. 

A schedule will be coming soon. In the meantime, you can read all about World Book Night by clicking on the icon below.




Music comes


 Books & More!

Visit us May 10 @ 11AM

Click on the note below to hear a sample of our guest Billy Joe Hunt's music:







A forgotten chapter of our history is revealed in "The Girls of Atomic City". Oak Ridge, Tennessee was home to 75,000 residents during the height of World War II and yet most of the world didn't know the town existed. No one that young women from all over the country were being recruited to this secret city, doing tasks that the outcome of was even unknown to them. Why were they there and how did their work change our country's future?


Science Fiction 

Young Adult Science Fiction for everyone enjoying intrigue and a glimpse of a possible future for Earth! If you've ever felt trapped by where you live and that place is home, then you can relate to Syl, an Illyri, one of the main characters of this riveting freedom tale.

Call 517-629-7560 today to set aside your copy.


Shop local by reaching us at 517-629-7560 for this riveting page turner about hard choices and survival, told by a woman as complex as the events she describes




Books of Note:











Frank Passic, an Albion resident, has researched and written about Albion history for more than 35 years and has written many books on the subject. In the Postcard History Series book, “Albion”, he shares his personal postcard collection including pictures of a 1910 downtown with one of Albion’s first automobiles, a 1924 view of Albion High School, a picture of the old Hotel Albion which existed from1855 to1930, and many other Albion memories. He has authored several books on Albion history such as “Growing Up in Albion” (2006) and “Albion in Review” (2009).  Currently, he pens a weekly Albion history column for the Morning Star Shopper, The Recorder and for his website,

 Books & More of Albion encourages everyone who attends to bring their barn pictures or Albion history postcards to share with others on the day of the book signing, November 9th. Please feel free to bring your questions, family, friends. As always the cafe will be open and we'll have copies of the books for purchase. We invite you to meet your neighbors and take a journey into the past with a photographic view!





 Fantasy that makes you think...                  


           A New York Times Best Seller for 2011.

     Political intrigue and fantasy collide is this "Dance with Dragons."



Coming Events!

*April 23rd @ 6:00pm, Greater Albion Chamber President, Amy Deshon reads here for "Albion Celebrates World Book Night"

*May 10th @ 11AM-1PM,the music of Billy Joe Hunt

*May 12th @ 6:15PM Books & More of Albion/Albion District Library Reading Group

*June21st @ 11AM-1PM,the music of John Louis Good




Great Books for Tweens!



Grades 9 and up     

Two girls with centuries separating them and yet a diary connects them in ways that none of us would ever expect. 





Books for Living


  A unique survival guide for those caring for a spouse, parent, child or friend. The author Jane Heller shares her experience as a caregiver in candid yet funny compassionate voice.










Autographed Copies available:

Native American main character

Set in Northern Michigan by Lake Michigan






Autographed Copy Available


Excerpt: "At that moment Wind Leaf could have cared less about the exotic goods changing hands four stories below him. His attention was focused on the brightly dressed party that approached from the south. Like a thin worm the ragged line inched wearily down to the shallow ford.

For days he had been kept apprised of the party's progress after leaving Straight Path Canyon. Now he watched as the Blessed Sun's procession splashed  across the Spirit River.

His lips bent in a wry smile as he thought, So, it is finally finished. The Blessed Matron Featherstone's souls are officially gone, sent to join the Cloud People. Webworm is home. 

The world is changed forever."













Review by:  Sylvia Benavidez

"Island of Fire" is the third book in a series, which began with Lisa McMann's "The Unwanteds". At Books & More of Albion we've sold a few copies of this engaging tween book. "lsland of Fire" continues unraveling the story of two magical brothers who battle with each other over the workings of their society and their very lives. 

In their world children are either "wanted" and granted more education or "necessary" and assigned manual labor or "unwanted" and sent away from society for termination or so it seems. Reading the two previous books "The Unwanteds" and " The Unwanteds: Island of Silence" is very necessary in my view in order to get the full understanding of the struggles between the two twin brothers, Alex, an unwanted, and Aaron, a wanted.  

Not wanting to give too much away if you haven't read the beginning of the series, the story is action packed with magical creatures helping to fight oppressive forces. This easy read can be an excellent opportunity for parents to talk with their children about life experiences such as what to do when they feel helpless and overwhelmed as Alex does when the world he escapes to is destroyed. What do you do when a brother fights or even betrays you? What does it mean to respect your parents? The list goes on.

The emotional life of the Alex, his friends, and his brother is written true to form in that they act out their feelings as youngsters frequently do until they better learn to deal with and manage their feelings.  Alex and his friends also have to take time to figure out solutions, which may make them seem dumb to some readers, but many times in life we do not see solutions that are right in front of us even as adults!

Reading these stories with someone else will certainly not leave you feeling unwanted!





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*A Word from the Owner*

2013 is now over. 2014 is a new year in which we continue to celebrate our family and business connections. I and all of the staff here thank you for your support of Books & More of Albion and look forward to serving you this coming year.

A game for the whole family:


Chico Bags

They hold 25 pounds!

We have Lime Stripes

Light enough to mail to friends.

We have Chico Blue Ladder!

Tucks easily into your purse!

We have Multi-colored plaid!




If you enjoy working with your hands, this craft is for you. The pieces are big enough to work with easily.  Your finished product is a beautiful lighthouse as shown on the cover. This one is based in part on the early-19th-century Dice Head Light Station in Maine and has a 10" hight octagonal tower with circular walkway. 

Create your own grounds once the paper portion of the lighthouse is built.



Bad Joke of the Day

A warthog hits this lady and the husband calls 911.

The operator asks, "Where are you at"?

The husband replies, "I'm on Eucolipstic Road."

The operator asks, "Can you spell that for me?"

"Well... I'll just drag her over to Oak so you can you pick her up there?"

Joke provided by:






 BOOKS & MORE PRESENTS a very special lighthouse book.



If you missed Darlene's talk, you can get one of our lighthouse guidebooks or delve in to "Great Lakes Shipwrecks & Lighthouses: True Stories of Courage & Bravery" for a feel as to what makes these sentinels of light so special.


Free Family Activity 


Right click on, click copy, paste this on a word document and have your kids have fun with coloring the lighthouse.






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 We have some very old books on hand for those enjoy adding older books to their collection.

1. Captain Caution by Kenneth Roberts, copy. 1934

2. A Room of One's Own by Virginia Wolf, copy. 1929

3. When West was West by Owen Wister, copy. 1928

Visit us at the store and let us show them to you!






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